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Country : Slovakia

Categorie : Culture

In addition,KIPO 893 Radio has joined KIPO in being available for streaming, both at this web site and with KIPO’s free streaming app. The app is available at the iTune’s App Store, and works on the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. No matter where you are on Planet Earth, from now on you can check in on your two favorite KIPO program streams, and our new website features an embedded streaming player that eliminates the need for a listener to choose or download a streaming platform. KIPO 893 Radio official address is

Listen online to KIPO 893 Radio radio station in Slovakia. KIPO 893 Radio is a SK radio station playing Culture music for free.

To launch the KIPO 893 Radio radio player, just click on "Play radio" button.

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<iframe src=" 893 Radio&m3u=kipo-893-radio.m3u&backgroundcolor=FFFFFF&textcolor=000000" frameBorder="0" width="340" height="150"></iframe>

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