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Country : Poland

Categorie : Old School

Website : www.adradio.ae

Radio was founded in Abu Dhabi 02/25/1969, a major radio between Abu Dhabi Radio Network, The Radio specializes in singing old and currently airs Oldies senior Arab artists and bays. It is the first radio in the UAE, which airs this kind of songs and specialize in it, has been the introduction of sports programming on its map program through the transmission and analysis of professional league matches and the participation of the team in all Mhafelh. Abu Dhabi Radio in addition to its specialization in singing the old songs are athletic outlet for the people of the UAE. Abu Dhabi Radio official website address is www.adradio.ae

Listen online to Abu Dhabi Radio radio station in Poland. Abu Dhabi Radio is a PL radio station playing Old School music for free.

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